Mango and Lime Curd is utterly delicious. I have been obsessed with curds ever since I discovered that I could go beyond lemon (Not that I am knocking Lemon Curd, it is the original if not the best!). I know that I am still desperately clinging onto to summer tastes, but this a great treat to have in your fridge to brighten up the darkest November days.  It is particularly delicious added to yogurt for a cheerful if not entirely healthy breakfast. It looks so uplifting with it’s vivid yellow and speckles of zesty green!
Mango and Lime Curd jar
 I am particularly proud of this recipe as the lovely folk  in Doodlemoose Designs contacted me and asked if they could illustrate a recipe of mine. I was delighted! I thought the colours of this recipe would look really pretty and they did an amazing job illustrating the recipe. Please check it out here! It looks so wonderful!
Mango has a lot in common with avocado. They look so enticing in the supermarket but are generally far from ripe when I buy them. I bring them home with the smug intention of checking them every day until I forgot completely about them and discover them on the cusp of going off! This recipe allows you to use up a mango that might be slightly over ripe, the juicier the better really.
Curd is simple to make and has a lovely creamy quality that I prefer to jam. It is very similar to cooking custard in that you need to cook the eggs slowly over a low to medium heat. The lime in this recipe takes the edge off the sweetness. If you’re worried about over cooking it, you can do in in a bowl over simmering watering and add the butter to the pan while you’re cooking it as it gives it a little extra protection.
The perfect way to use up a ripe mango in that narrow window of opportunity!


1 ripe mango (the juicier the better!)
2 limes
2 egg yolks or whole eggs (or one of each!) (Whole eggs will make a much thicker curd )
80 grams of unsalted butter, cubed
100 grams of sugar


1. Peel and chop the mango, catching all the lovely juice. Don’t worry too much about getting it all off the stone – it tends to get a bit stringy near the stone.  Blend it in a food processor until smooth. You could mash it either – just get it as smooth as you can.
2. Zest your limes into a bowl. Throw the cubes of butter on top of it.
3. Squeeze the lime juice into a saucepan.  Add your mango puree and sugar.
4. Heat very gently until the sugar dissolves.
5. Whisk in the eggs or egg yolks and cook slowly over a medium low heat.
6. Keep stirring with a wooden spoon until the mixture thickens enough to coat the back of a spoon. It takes about 8 mins – do not let it boil!
7. Sieve the mixture into the bowl with the butter and lime zest. Mix until it is all combined and the butter is melted.
8. Transfer to a serving bowl or jar and allow to cool.
Mango and Lime Curd
This curd is delicious served with yoghurt, ice cream, mixed with cream to fill tarts or pastry, spread on scones or really with just about anything! It will keep in  sealed container in the fridge for about two weeks.  Warning: Eating it straight from the jar with a spoon severely reduces it’s lasting power.


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