Mango and Lime Curd is utterly delicious. I have been obsessed with curds ever since I discovered that I could go beyond lemon (Not that I am knocking Lemon Curd, it is the original if not the best!). I know that I am still desperately clinging onto to summer tastes, but this a great treat to have in your fridge to brighten up the darkest November days. ┬áIt is particularly delicious added to yogurt for a cheerful if not entirely healthy breakfast. It looks so uplifting with it’s vivid yellow and speckles of zesty green!
Mango and Lime Curd jar

Foraging basket filled with crab apples, haws and elderberries.The story of this blog post began quite a while ago with Tom

(of The Great Irish Bake Off fame) saying he would like to make some elderberry wine. Him being the city boy that he is, and me being the farm girl that I am, we agreed it would be a great idea if he came down to my family home in Wicklow to pick some berries. Somewhere along the way this happily escalated, and resulted in a foraging trip for the Bake Off contestants that could make it, led by Biddy White Lennon (one of our esteemed judges). We happily trampled our way around the farm, Molly the sheepdog and Harney family in tow, and collected many fruits of the season. It was a really fun day, and naturally we had many delicious baked things after our gathering work. This is a significant advantage of having friends who bake really really well. I wanted to try to make a few different things this year, so embarked on using my haws for brandy and elderberries for balsamic vinegar. The blackberries had a few uses including a lemon and blackberry cordial and a buttermilk, blackberry and coffee pound cake. Here is the first of a few recipes. Continue reading